The 8 Tastiest Foods To Cook On a Cast Iron Skillet

Good quality cookware tend to be close to any chef’s heart.  One of the best ones at locking in flavor is a cast iron skillet. They’re used in professional restaurants, kept in almost all people’s pan collections, and are even dubbed as some people’s secret cooking weapon. Foods tend to always taste great when cooked correctly in a cast iron skillet, but which foods taste the best?1. Steak
Instead of grilling a steak, try cooking it in a cast iron skillet. Do you know the taste of those exquisite restaurant steaks that leave your mouth watering and your mind trapped in a food high? Those types of steaks aren’t grilled, they’re pan fried. Cast iron skillets make it so that the steak won’t end up with a tasteless black crust when they middle reaches the ideal temperature, and the interior won’t get overcooked. If one uses a technique called the sear and bake technique. With a cast iron skillet, the crust will turn out perfect and the steak will be restaurant quality delicious.

2. Cornbread
Cornbread made in a cast iron skillet is sweet, simple, and absolutely delectable. If the cast iron skillet is preheated correctly, the cornbread will be heated thoroughly, causing a better cooked and great tasting cornbread.

3. Roast Chicken
Roasting chicken in a cast iron skillet is quick, easy, and it cooks the chicken perfectly. Cooking roast chicken in a cast iron skillet is one of the easiest ways to roast chicken to perfection. Skip the tricky techniques and hard work aside, and just use a cast iron skillet.

4. Pizza
Not many people consider making pizza in a cast iron skillet, but more people should start to consider it. The pizza dough will cook to where it’s thick, chewy, and buttery. The best way to cook it is with a Cuisnart cast iron grill pan while using good dough. This ensures that pizza is thoroughly cooked and not too doughy or burnt. Plus, assembling pizza while it cooks in the cast iron skillet is much more time efficient. A person can place the toppings on while the pizza cooks on the cast iron skillet.

5. Pork Tenderloin
Cooking pork tenderloin in a cast iron skillet will bring out the subtle, balanced, and delicious flavor of rosemary, tomatoes, and olives. It’s easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

6. Pancakes
A cast iron skillet won’t burn a pancake as easily as other pans will, so it’s the ideal pan to cook a delicious pancake with even heat without burned spots. Pancakes, like steaks, taste restaurant quality when cooked on a cast iron skillet. It’s definitely a simple dish changed drastically by a different type of pan.

7. Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
The Philly cheese steak sandwich is much like the steak, considering that there is sliced steak cooking in the pan, but with the Philly cheese steak sandwich, other vegetables are added to cook along with the steak slices. Marinating steak with other vegetables and spices within a cast iron skillet makes for a perfectly balanced, even flavored meal.

8. Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Just like previously stated in #3, chicken is very easy to cook in a cast iron skillet. Buttermilk fried chicken comes out crispy, flavorful, and cooked to absolute perfection.


Which dish gets the award for tastiest?

When cooked right, all the previous dishes are delicious, but my personal favorite is the Philly Cheese steak. I never knew the secret to getting a great tasting Philly, but now I can cook them like a champ using a cast iron skillet.

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